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We have begun the process of creating our next, larger run for global distribution, and garnering the support to accomplish that! 

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Spirit-Up!™ Description


Spirit-Up!™ is a charmingly goofy, exhilarating, endlessly re-playable card game for encouragement, laughter, and self-transformation. Unleash your spirit! 

Created for ages 12 and up. 

Number of Players: 1-12

Warning: Playing Spirit-Up!™ brings on light-heartedness and increased confidence, opened hearts, community spirit, laughter, and friendship. Joy is inevitable. Side effects are sizzling off stress, beaming up to balance, transcending lower selves, activating your highest potential, building unity, and having copious amounts of FUN. Also great as an ice-breaker and gloom-shaker.

You will feel like you’ve just struck gold, for it cultivates your real life super-powers: happiness, honor, gratitude, kindness, and laughter. With a simple set-up and only two rules—accept, do not deflect compliments and take responsibility for your own energy—Spirit-Up!™ is a profound delight for parties, families, community groups, and even playing on your own. 

“I love this game! I want to play it every day!” 

~ Mackenzie S.

“It is impossible to be in a bad mood playing this game.” 

“It  feels  like  more  than  a  game.  It  feels  important.”

~Skylar D.

“I had high expectations for this game, but it is so much more than I expected.”
“It is delightful! That’s not a strong enough word, but it is that and so much more.”
“I want to have a regular game night with this game.”
~ Todd N.

“It makes me think outside the box.”
~ Anthony K.


Story of Spirit-Up!™, and our company, in Joy in Light Ltd.

Hi, I’m Eleanor Yates, creator of Spirit-Up!™, the card game with the mission to spread bright energy far and wide. Imagine a game that EXERCISES noble character traits in a way that is meaningful and yet HILARIOUSLY fun. Spirit-Up!™ is a seriously funny game that shines the radiance of encouragement onto individuals and communities, so they can be their happiest, highest selves during and after play. You will feel like you just struck gold.

Something happened to me while finishing my book, An Artist and the Light: I realized what I loved most in 22 years as an itinerant muralist, were the goofy games we played after painting, the meaningful conversations we had at meals, the feeling of community, and the bright-energy celebrations. I now realize that my life mission is to SPREAD BRIGHT ENERGY far and wide—to help people be their happiest, most fulfilled selves. I just want everyone to be happy. And I want this because joy inspires us to share our unique, loving, and meaningful gifts to help this challenged world.

The idea for Spirit-Up!™ was born after discovering a study by Dr. Karyn Purvis, which stated that we grow synapses (learn new things) 30 times faster while PLAYING. WOW! We can super-learn with a game! Instantly, my mission clarified itself. Ideas for Spirit-Up!™ came pouring in, and I have spent every day since developing and streamlining this game. 

Our new company of uplifters, in Joy in Light Ltd., have the passionate mission to inspire power-praising bliss talkers, energy-raising movement, heart-connecting motivation, and positive self-belief in everything we produce. We believe we can live from our highest selves—from inspiration and happiness, with laughter and fun. And this game is here to empower us all, through play, to give our hearts and voices to our higher spirits and be our happiest selves. Let’s evolve into more kind, compassionate, beautiful and helpful people on this earth! Let’s be magic, not tragic!

Spirit-Up!™ has such a significant utility for the human condition. Each of the seven types of cards help us evolve and expand through laughter, peppy pep-talks, heart connection, zany dance and movement, through compliments, wishes, gifts, and secret personal assignments, just to name a few. And self-transformation occurs 30 times faster than mere forced cheer! 

Spirit-Up!™ has frenetic, game-changing action as well as moments of loving contemplation and gratitude. These are cards FOR humanity, FOR authentic kindness, FOR having crazy fun in a safe circle of trust. This is not an escape—it is a state-changer, a life-changer, it is actually a transformative experience allowing people to rekindle their natural joy of living. What’s so amazing is that during and after Spirit-Up!™, the genuine grinning and laughing, encouraging and feeling confident continues into life, inspiring more great days, ways, and words.

Play itself transports us to a world that is safe and enchanting, where it is possible to be better than our best selves. Plato and Einstein believed in play as a force above all culture, for it created culture. Plato said that we learn more about another person in one hour of play than a year of conversation. Just imagine what you will learn in an hour of play devoted to BRIGHT JOY! Let’s use the rapture, focus, and alertness of play to create transformative energy.

Everyone knows the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. No more investing precious time into negative mindsets that love arguments, complaining, and hurting others and the self. Let’s not let human nature and emotional weather get the better of us; let’s not let our minds wander until our default falls to criticism. It is of utmost importance to practice praise and positivity, to become catalysts for bright, shiny, uplifting change. Spirit-Up!


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Our Kickstarter was  a success! Hippie-hoya-bunga-runga-Roo!! We have jumped and spun with glee, ordered the Play Cards and Lucky-Stars, and are now finishing the instruction booklets and lucky carry pouches and Manifesto Cards. Each game set is being assembled with extra special love,  attention, and joy. You will have it well before Christmas! Once you have and play it, we'd love to hear your fun ideas and encouraging suggestions!!!


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